Acquisitions and Disposals

We are currently working on a number of acquisitions and disposals across a number of sectors. Orwell RE advise on the disposal and acquisition of freehold and leasehold property throughout the UK.  Often our advice encompasses developing a property strategy. Orwell RE’s detailed understanding of planning is invaluable in ascertaining the development potential and ensuring the maximum price is achieved on disposal.

Construction and Project Delivery 

Construction projects are highly structured endeavours, whether that’s building a shopping mall or a single-dwelling residence. They have a lot of moving parts and people that must be precisely coordinated.

Just like any other project, construction project management has phases, from design to planning to scheduling to the build itself. Each of these phases are complicated enough by themselves, but in congress with the whole project, they grow exponentially more complex.

Development Management  

Throughout the UK, Orwell Real Estate works with public and private investors to deliver property development projects with the aim of ensuring the maximum returns on clients’ assets.

We aspire to provide the very best development advice in the market to a wide range of clients as developers, investors and landowners.

  • Mixed-use and urban regeneration
  • Strategic land development
  • Feasibility and viability assessments
  • Funding and delivery structures
  • Land assembly
  • Landowner agreements
  • Project management
  • Development partner
  • Disposal